Our Services

24 hours a day on site nursing care for hospitalised patients - this allows critically ill and post operative patients to be monitored through the night if necessary. 


Acupuncture - is used predominately for chronic pain states in animals e.g. arthritis.  Ali Webber is a qualified veterinary surgeon and member of the Association of British Veterinary Acupuncturists who visits our surgery regularly by appointment.  Please contact the surgery if this is something you may be interested in.



Client loyalty reward scheme - for each £2.00 spent on over the counter products, worming, flea treatment and food, clients receive a loyalty stamp.  When the loyalty card is complete you have £6.00 to spend on your next purchase.  Please call reception for details.  (Terms and Conditions apply).



Dentistry - this allows your pets teeth to be scaled to remove tartar and plaque which can cause gum disease and infection, rotten teeth to be removed and in small furries teeth to be trimmed when they have grown too long.


Digital X-ray facilities - X-ray's can be important in helping to find out what is wrong with your pet.  Digital x-ray allows images to be copied to your pets record and emailed to a specialist veterinary surgeon or referral centre if necessary.

 Endoscopy - this is a flexible tube with a small camera attached to the end which allows us to look into the body with minimal invasion e.g. down the windpipe into the lungs and down the oesophagus into the stomach.







Glaucoma testing - using a special pen we able to check whether the eye pressure of your pet is within the normal range and to identify and treat glaucoma promptly.





Hip and Elbow scoring for breeding animals - it is recommended that certain breeds of animal e.g. Labrador retrievers have their elbows and hips tested before being breed from.  This is to try and prevent hereditary conditions such as hip dysplasia being passed on to the next generation.

In House Laboratory - for same day test results





Incubator for smaller patients e.g. tortoises and reptiles.

Isolation Area for Critically Ill patients - not only does this allow the critically ill pet to have peace and quiet away from other patients, but also protects other patients in the surgery from possible contagious diseases.

Microchipping - this is a small chip inserted between your pets shoulder blades that contains a number unique to them.  If they should get lost there is a greater chance of you being reunited if your pet is chipped.








Neutering - to prevent the unwanted patter of tiny feet.  Neutering can also carry health advantages for your pet e.g. preventing womb infections in older life and reducing the risk of mammary tumours.

Nurse Clinics - our qualified nurses are able to give advice on feeding, neutering, weight control and teeth care as well as performing second vaccinations, microchipping and clipping nails.





Petcare Products and Food - a wide selection is available and we order daily with next day delivery

Plentiful on site parking and disabled access.

Puppy Classes - these are run at the Bridgwater Surgery in the evening by Catherine Tomlinson MSc BSc PGCE

Separate Cat and Dog Hospitalisation Wards.





Surgery - we have 2 modern, sterile operating theatres where we carry out routine and non-routine/emergency procedures on a daily basis






Ultrasound scanning - for pregnancy diagnosis and as an aid to help diagnose certain illnesses.





Vaccinations - for dogs, cats and rabbits.  Vaccinations are important to protect your pet against some of the common and often fatal diseases such as parvovirus in dogs and myxomatotis in rabbits.