Arthritis in the older pet and the signs to look for

Arthritis in dogs

Living with an older pet can have its challenges and sometimes they require a little more help from us as their bodies age a little each day. Arthritis is a common condition seen in older animals. Arthritis is simply an inflammation of a joint but can leave your pet in pain as they go about their daily routine.





Cat symptoms and signs of arthritis:

Arthritis in cats can be hard to notice but you may see:

  • An inability to jump as they once did.
  • Changes in mobility.

However, they may not always display these but they may also show behavioural changes:

  • Hide or sleep more than normal.
  • Cry if your pick them up.
  • Be aggressive and run away if you try to handle them.

Dog symptoms and signs of arthritis:

Arthritis in dogs maybe slightly easier for you to notice:

  • Limping or difficulty getting up or laying down.
  • Wanting to turn back early from a walk or general stiffness when walking.
  • Unusual aggression/guarding when touched.
  • Unable to jump into the car or climb up steps as easily as they used to.


Although arthritis can’t be cured, but it can be managed. There are many options we can use to help ease the pain for your pet and help them to cope better in their golden years.

If you believe your pet is suffering from arthritis then call Blake Vets on 01278 451592 (Bridgwater) 01278 794794 (Burnham-On-Sea) to make an appointment with one of our vets.

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