Brave Pet of the Quarter – Bali

Bali Taylor-Dodd is a 1 year 10-month-old Border Collie who was involved in a serious road accident at the beginning of October.

To complicate matters, at the time Bali’s owners were on holiday.

When Bali presented at the surgery, she had an obvious serious injury to her right hind leg but apart from a few grazes otherwise appeared to have suffered no other significant trauma.

Shock treatment of intravenous fluids and pain relief were started immediately and then she was sedated for x-rays. The x-rays confirmed there was no trauma to her chest or abdomen but even though there was no fracture to the bones of her right leg, the right tarsus (ankle) joint was exposed and all the ligaments were torn.  This type of injury is often very difficult to get to heal as bacteria and contamination quickly get into the joint space and the owner was warned that Bali was at risk of having her leg amputated.

The owners wanted to try and save the leg and over the next four days we carried out daily dressing changes under light sedation as it was too painful to do whilst conscious.

Unfortunately on 7th October in discussion with the owner, the decision was made to amputate Bali’s right hind leg due to the poor prognosis and likely long term complications.  Bali had surgery to remove her leg the same day and was finally discharged the following day.

Bali made an uneventful recovery and has not let the fact that she only has three legs hinder her in any way at all. She spends weekends running up mountains with her owners and scrambling up waterfalls. 

Unusually, despite her prolonged stay with us, Bali now loves coming into the surgery, when before she was a quivering wreck at the door.  I suspect it was all the cuddles given to her in the kennels by our lovely nurses who are here 24 hours a day looking after our sickest patients.

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