Brave Pet Bracken – Diabetes diagnosis

Diabetic dog Blake Vets

Bracken has been registered with us since 2007. He had had very little treatment until in 2014, the owners, Mr and Mrs Ashfold, noticed he was drinking two to three times as much water as he would previously have done.

Initial tests suggested that Bracken had a condition called “Cushings Disease” when the adrenal gland produces too much steroid hormone. We started treatment with medication but within 10 months (and most unusually) his adrenal function returned to normal.

Unfortunately, this was not to be the last of Bracken’s medical conditions. Within 3 months he started drinking excessively again. This time, tests showed that Bracken had developed Diabetes Mellitus.

Dedicated owners

The owners have been incredibly dedicated with Bracken’s treatment. They give him twice daily injections of insulin and come into the surgery for regular check ups and blood tests.

A common side effect of a dog having diabetes, is that 90% will  develop diabetic cataracts. By the end of 2015, Bracken had developed cataracts in both eyes, so Mr and Mrs Ashfold decided to take him to a specialist in Devon to have them removed. This was a great success.

Since 2015 Bracken has generally been in good health. Although he has spent the odd night in the hospital when he has had an upset stomach and has not been eating. As a diabetic, if Bracken doesn’t eat but is being given insulin injections, there is considerable risk that his blood sugar will drop too low which can be very dangerous.

A true hero

Bracken is a true hero and never complains about visits to the vets. But the true recognition should go to Mr and Mrs Ashfold who never gave up and always give 110% towards caring for him and allowing him to have the best possible quality of life.

Mr Ashfold said, “I have had Bracken for 10 ½ years now, he is a wonderful companion, although young at heart he loves his squeaky toys and cosy bed! Bracken enjoys his beach walks and he has had several holidays with me to Wales where he enjoys the hill walks and Rhossilli beach.

He has been through a lot with diabetes, yet is a very brave little dog.  Thanks to Caroline’s help and dedication, Bracken is now enjoying life.”

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