Brave Pet – Sally the labrador cross and her bladder stone

Sally Labrador-Cross

Sally is a 10 year old Labrador-cross. She first came into the practice in April when her owners noticed urine infection type symptoms, such as frequently urinating and sometimes having small amounts of blood in her urine.

After failing to respond to a course of antibiotics, she came back in for further investigation. An ultrasound scan and x-rays revealed a single bladder stone that was 6cm in diameter!  There was no way that Sally would be able to pass this herself so the stone needed to be removed by surgery.

Bladder stone in dogSally’s bladder stone was sent for analysis and was found to be made up of a mineral called struvite. Struvite crystals and stones are the commonest type of bladder stone and usually form when there has been a long standing subclinical bacterial infection not obvious to the owner. A struvite stone may also form when the urine is persistently very concentrated e.g. if your dog tends not to drink much water.  More female than male dogs are affected.

Sally has made a full recovery but now has to eat a special prescription diet to prevent more stones forming – she’s not too keen!

bladderst one xray

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