Brave Pet – Teddy the Shih Tzu cross and his bladder stones


Teddy May is a nine year old Shih Tzu cross weighing a very tiny 3.9 Kg.

Teddy was first seen in September 2016 unable to urinate properly and he was only passing very small amounts at a time. Tests were done, including x-rays and it was found that Teddy had a large number of stones in his bladder.

Some of these stones had passed down the urethra (the tube connecting to the bladder that urine passes out through) and had become stuck.  The only option was to proceed to surgery and remove the stones.  The stones that had become lodged in the urethra were flushed back into the bladder before surgery was carried out.  The surgical procedure involved opening up Teddy’s abdomen and making a small opening in the bladder so that the stones could be removed manually.


Whenever stones form in dog’s or cat’s urine, they are sent to a laboratory for analysis so we can try and prevent them forming again. In Teddy’s case, the stones were identified as calcium oxalate crystals which can only be prevented by feeding a specific prescription diet.  Unfortunately Teddy, like a lot of small breed dogs, is a very, very fussy eater and refused to eat the special diet.  Consequently, in September this year he came back to us with another urethral blockage.  Surgery had to be carried out again, but this time we had the benefit of being able to perform key hole assisted surgery, so for Teddy, the wound was much smaller and he recovered much more quickly.  Numerous stones were once again removed from his bladder.

Teddy is a little trooper and happily puts up with all his treatment and urethral catheterising without any complaints!  Wouldn’t it be lovely though if he would eat the special food so we’re not in the same position again in 12 months time!

Bladder stones dog

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