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Sweep Sutcliffe – the gentle giant

Read the story of Sweep - a three-year-old Mastiff who survived tetanus, which is a condition which usually has a 50-90% mortality rate.


Brave Pet Honey’s hips and hypothyroid hitches

Honey is an 8 year old Tibetan Terrier who has had her fair share of problems. From a very young age, Honey has struggled with itchy skin which particularly affects the lining of her ear canals leading to repeat ear infections.  In 2017, whilst the owner was cleaning Honey’s ears, Honey jumped off the sofa dislocating her right hip in... View Article


Beware the plant and garden hazards for your pets

With spring now here, we wanted to give you some information of the dangers for your pets that may be growing or lurking in your garden. Daffodils Daffodils can be toxic to pets, particularly the bulb, although the flower head can also cause problems. Symptoms include drooling, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, increased heart rate, abdominal pain, abnormal breathing and an irregular... View Article


Blake Vets Charity of the Year – Canine Partners

Every year we choose a charity to support, and our staff and customers help us to raise money for our chosen charity through various fundraising activities and events. For 2019 we are delighted to be supporting Canine Partners. Canine Partners is a UK charity transforming the lives of people living with disabilities by training amazing assistance dogs. The canine partners... View Article


New Ophthalmology Service Starting January 2019

        From 7th January 2019, Jim Carter from South Devon Referrals will be running clinics every other Monday morning. Jim is a Veterinary Ophthalmology Specialist and owns a referral centre in Newton Abbot, Devon. South Devon Referrals All surgical procedures will still be carried out at his hospital in Newton Abbot. Follow the link below for more information.... View Article


Can your pet breathe properly?

  BOAS (Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome) Our furry friends with short noses (known as brachycephalics) are at risk of BOAS, which is a severe life limiting disease. 50% Pugs, French bulldogs and 45% of English Bulldogs are affected. The breathing problems they exhibit are due to the shortened skull. The length of the nose is reduced but the same amount... View Article


New Calendars for Pet Health Club Members

                We have designed four calendars to help you remember when your pet’s preventative health treatment is due. Call in to your usual surgery to collect one – along with a free magnet and pen . The benefits of being a member of our pet health club is that it allows you to... View Article


Wet Eczema

            Wet eczema otherwise known as “hot spots” or “acute moist dermatitis” is the sudden onset of intense irritation of the skin and is most commonly seen in long haired dogs, particularly around the face, but can be anywhere on the body.  Wet eczema is most commonly seen in the summer months particularly when conditions... View Article