Other Christmas risks for your pets!

BobThis is Bob.

Bob is a 2 year old Labrador and like most Labradors is driven by his stomach!  Unfortunately, Bob is also quite protective of his toys and will do anything to stop you taking his toys off him.  This is not always a good plan, as when the owner went to take a soft 11cm long x 7.5cm wide squeaky toy off him, Bob thought the only way to keep hold of it was to swallow it!

bob clay2

As you can imagine, having a soft, absorbent toy in your stomach does not lead to a long and healthy life!  There would be no chance of him passing the toy, in fact it would be unlikely to be able to move out of the stomach into the intestines due to its size, and there would be little chance of him vomiting it back up, again due to its size.  The only option therefore, was to surgically remove the toy by opening up his stomach.  This we did and Bob has now gone on to make an uneventful recovery, but surgery into the digestive tract is not without risk and potential complications.  Avoiding such surgery is always the best option.

bob clay

The moral of this story is, be careful what sized toys you give your dog to play with and never underestimate  the determination of a dog who does not want you to have his toy!

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