Greedy Dexter ate a kebab stick!

Dexter a Blake Vets patient

This is Dexter, looking slightly sorry for himself having just undergone surgery to remove a 15cm wooden kebab stick from his stomach!

Dexter was brought into our Bridgwater surgery on Monday 5th October as he was listless and unable to settle comfortably at home. His owner knew that two days previously he had stolen and eaten a wooden kebab stick attached to some lovely Chinese Chicken Satay!  His owner thought he had crunched the stick up and as Dexter was still eating and drinking normally, thought it was likely that the stick would pass through uneventfully (we did have another dog who did exactly the same in summer who passed the stick whole!).  Unfortunately no pieces of skewer had been found in his poo and Dexter became increasing more lethargic.

On examination at the surgery, Dexter had tummy discomfort when it was palpated and was obviously quiet.  As we suspected the kebab stick was still present, he was immediately admitted and taken straight to x-ray.

Xray of kebab stick in dogs stomach

Dexter’s x-ray

In the majority of cases, wood doesn’t show well on x-ray but this was not the case with Dexter as a long straight object was clearly visible in the stomach.   In a lot of ways, it was lucky the stick was still in the stomach. If it had moved into the intestines, the risk of the stick poking through the intestinal wall would have been much higher.

We then proceeded to surgery and removed the whole kebab stick through a very small incision in Dexter’s stomach.   He stayed with us overnight and subsequently made an uneventful recovery.

On average, we remove one foreign body every two months from dogs.  The most common ones are pieces of rubber toy, stones, corn cobs and socks but we have had items as diverse as pants, smurfs, string vests and even a chewed up dust pan and brush!

kebab stick removed from dog's stomach

The stick removed from Dexter’s stomach


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