Lost and Found pets

stray ferretWe regularly get stray animals brought into our surgeries in Bridgwater and Burnham-on-Sea. The most common pet we get are cats but occasionally we get the odd exotic such as the ferret in the photo and a bearded dragon! If you find a stray animal and it is not injured then we advise you take the following action:

Cats – make an appointment to bring them to the surgery to check if they are microchipped but if they are not and are in good health, it is likely we will ask you to return them to where they were found as often they are not far from home and not stray at all.

Dogs – stray dogs are the responsibility of the Dog Warden and the Dog Warden should be contacted in the first instance – telephone numbers are on our website.

Wildlife – should always be left alone unless you are concerned for their safety, when the RSPCA should be contacted – again, telephone numbers are on our website.

If the animal you find is injured then you should contact our surgery immediately to make an appointment to have them assessed.

If you have lost a pet, you will know how upsetting this can be. Having your pets microchipped can make all the difference between being reunited again or not.  Microchipping is a simple procedure and is generally carried out by one of our Veterinary Nurses in a normal appointment.  Your pet’s microchip number  is instantly registered online on a national database and all you need to do subsequently is update your contact details if you move house. If you want to find out more about microchipping, please give the surgery a call.  As an added bonus, members of our Pet Health Club receive a 40% discount when microchipping their pets.

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