Our happy keyhole surgery spay patients

Keyhole spay black labrador

Our launch of keyhole surgery has gone down very well with pets and their owners. We’ve found that the dogs we have spayed by keyhole surgery have become comfortable more quickly and have recovered much faster. Their owners have been very happy too!

One such happy customer is Mrs Baker from near Weston-Super-Mare. Her 15 month old black labrador, Coco, was spayed by keyhole surgery. “The keyhole surgery was amazing. Coco had no after effects at all and recovered very quickly, and for that it was well worth doing,” said Mrs Baker.

Another happy patient is Lucy Clayton, a 6 month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from Bridgwater, pictured below with Caroline Haywood, the veterinary surgeon in charge of keyhole surgery at Blake Vets.
We are one of very few practices in the South West to offer keyhole surgery. Caroline says:

Caroline Haywood Blake Vets

Caroline with Lucy

“We all want the very best for our pets and Blake Vets believe keyhole surgery represents a major benefit to our pet patients and their owners. With keyhole surgery the pain the pet can feel after the operation is significantly reduced compared to normal open surgery, which means that the pet recovers faster. The surgical wounds are much smaller, there is less scarring, and the risk of wound infection after the operation is less.”

Anyone interested in finding our more about keyhole surgery or spaying their pet can telephone us on 01278 451592. Or read more on keyhole surgery here.

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