Our Valentine’s Day Photograph Winner

Robin and Milo Blake Vet winners

Thank you to all our entrants in our photograph competition and to all of those who voted.

Our winner was Robin Thomas and his dog Milo. Those who voted for them knew nothing about Robin and Milo, and neither did we until Robin’s Mum shared their heart-warming story with us when they came to collect their prize.

We just had to share their story with you. It truly reflects the theme of our competition which was to show the special relationships we have with our pets. This relationship is very special.

Here’s their story in the words of Robin’s Mum:

“Robin is non-verbal and has severe autism. His bond with Milo is fantastic. When Robin is having a bad day and doesn’t want any contact Milo will be close by watching him. They are best of friends and Milo will sit and watch Robin as he plays and often as he sleeps too. Milo is never far away and they love walks together.”

There’s lots of scientific reports that support the idea that interacting with a dog benefits children with autism. It’s a dog’s ability to give non-judgemental and unconditional love and companionship that we think is key to these relationships.

It’s wonderful to know that many charities and associations are help individuals with autism and their families by providing dogs, training and support.

Support Dogs for example is a charity providing trained, specialist dogs to help increase independence and quality of life to those with autism and other conditions.

The Dogs for Good PAWS Family Dog Service provide information and support for families with dogs to help benefit a child with autism.

To see the photographs in our Valentine’s Day competition, please visit the competition page on Facebook.

And look out for our rabbit photograph competition coming up in May!

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