Taking a pet abroad

Important information on pet travel

If you are planning on taking a pet abroad you need to be aware of the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS). PETS is the system that allows pets from certain countries to enter the UK without quarantine as long as they meet the rules. It also means that people in the UK can, having taken their pets to these countries, bring them back without the need for quarantine.

Please see the DEFRA website for more information.

To be eligible for a Pet Passport, your pet must be microchipped and be vaccinated against rabies. If you are travelling with a dog, then the dog must also have a tapeworm treatment between one and five days before you return to the UK.

The rabies vaccination is required at least every three years although, when visiting certain countries, annual vaccination is needed.

Please call us on 01278 451592 to arrange an appointment to discuss your pet travel plans.

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