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Pet Health Club Somerset

April is National Pet Month. A registered charity, National Pet Month celebrates the benefits of pets and raises awareness of the role of pet care specialists and the value of working and assistance companion animals. The charity’s other key aim is to raise the awareness of responsible pet ownership. That’s one of the key aims of Blake Vets too.

However young or old your pet is, you’ll know that prevention of illnesses is better and often cheaper than a cure. We’d much rather help our clients keep their pets happy and healthy, than deal with ill health that comes as a result of inappropriate pet care.


Blake Vets Pet Health Club

That’s why we offer our clients membership of our Pet Health Club. The Club is designed to provide preventative health care and routine check-ups to ensure your pet is given proactive health care during its life.

The plan includes an annual clinical examination from a veterinary surgeon at the time of your pets’ annual vaccination. It also includes two annual nurse consultations each year where our vets can offer advice on dental care, weight loss and diet. These visits will help us to spot any health issues and put management plans in place to ensure your pet has a healthier, happier and longer life.

Members of the plan can budget for their pets’ preventative healthcare treatments – routine vaccinations, flea and worm treatments in affordable monthly direct debits. They can also save money by benefitting from 10% off many of our routine services and up to 40% off microchipping.

You can find more information on our Pet Health Club and application forms on our website.

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