Puppy Training in Bridgwater

well_behaved_dogsA really important part of owning a puppy is making sure they are well socialised and well behaved in public.  As their owner, you are responsible for their actions!  The best way of making sure you achieve this is to book your puppy into puppy training and socialisation classes.  We hold classes at our Bridgwater surgery on a Wednesday and Thursday evening with each session lasting one hour and each course 6 weeks.  The course is available to puppies under 20 weeks of age and trains your puppy to do amongst other things – come when called, sit, accept handling, be sociable to other puppies and humans and greet people without jumping up.  The course is run by local animal behaviourist Catherine Tomlinson and more information can be found on her website www.catherinetomlinson .com.  All puppies need to be fully vaccinated to attend.

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