Key hole surgery (laparoscopy)

Blake Vets is now able to offer the latest in “keyhole” techniques for spaying dogs. Using top of the range equipment, this advanced procedure, which only a handful of veterinary practices in the UK offer, has significant benefits over conventional “open” surgery.

The benefits of keyhole surgery

The benefits of keyhole surgery over conventional open surgery include:

  • Reduced Pain
  • Faster Recovery
  • Small surgical wounds
  • Less scarring
  • Fewer post-operative complications (i.e. wound infection)

Keyhole spays can usually be done in any dog over 5 kg.

How is keyhole spaying done?

  • First the abdomen is inflated with sterile carbon dioxide gas to create an operating space.
  • A thin (5mm) surgical telescope/endoscope is inserted into the abdomen so that the surgeon can visualise the magnified organs on a TV screen.
  • Specialised instruments are then introduced into the abdomen through small (5mm) holes.
  • The vet then carries out the procedure under direct visualisation.
  • The laparoscopic spay involves removal of the ovaries whereas a conventional spay removes the uterus as well. Removal of just the ovaries is a quicker and less traumatic procedure.

If you are considering having your bitch spayed your vet will be pleased to discuss the options with you. Please call us on 01278 451592.

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