The amazing story of Tigger Mcleod

Tigger Mcleod

Tigger Mcleod is a one year old domestic short haired cat who went missing from home in the middle of August.  His owners had all but given up hope of ever seeing him again when he appeared on their doorstep on the 9th September.

Seeing that Tigger was weak on his hind legs, the owners brought Tigger to the surgery the following day.

Tigger was admitted to the Bridgwater surgery for X-rays which showed that he had multiple fractures of both hind legs which had happened several weeks before, and which remarkably had started to heal.

Tigger had a fracture of the right femur just above the knee which had already formed a callus and was healing, albeit in an abnormal position.  He had a fracture of his tibia and fibula, which again, had callused and started to heal.  He had also dislocated the hip joint on this side which had already formed a false joint and was allowing Tigger to move on this side relatively pain free.

On his left-hand side, Tigger had fractured the top of the femur just below the ball joint and this had not healed.

Initially, due to the extent of Tigger’s injuries and uncertainty as to which fractures would need surgery as several of them were already showing evidence of healing, Tigger was strictly cage rested at home.


In October, after discussion with our visiting orthopaedic surgeon and in consultation with the owner, it was decided to operate on the left hip joint as this was painful and not healing. Tigger underwent surgery on 18th October to remove the top of his femur – the ball joint, which then allows a non-painful false joint to form.

By 26th October, Tigger was already running around and using both legs well.

This is just another example of how remarkable and resilient cats can be. It is likely that Tigger was involved in a road traffic accident in August and suffered significant injuries. Remarkably, over the next 4 weeks, Tigger managed to keep himself alive before eventually finding his way home.  It also shows us how good the body can be at healing on its own, and this is true particularly in cats.

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