Our waiting room Kong toys

kong toysIf you haven’t visited our waiting areas in Bridgwater or Burnham-On-Sea recently then please feel free to pop in and take a look at our pet toys.  We sell a large range of KONG Toys which we believe are the best toys for your cat and dog.  KONG Toys are designed to encourage healthy physical and mental development and to reinforce appropriate behaviour.

Kong classicThe KONG Classic has been the gold standard of dog toys for over 38 years.  It is super-bouncy and unrivalled for dogs who like to chew.  Stuffing healthy treats into a KONG keeps dogs happily working and out of trouble for long periods of time.

Kong WobblerThe KONG Wobbler is an action packed treat and food dispensing toy.  It sits upright until pushed by a dog’s paw or nose and then dispenses rewards as it wobbles.  The wobbler can also be used as an alternative to a dog bowl to help extend mealtimes while providing exercise for your dog.   One of our receptionists has even bought one for her rabbit who will then spend hours throwing it in the air to get the food to fall out!

kickerooWe also stock lots of toys to keep your cat entertained.  Cats can spend up to 16 hours per day sleeping so when they’re awake they need exercise that encourages natural behaviour such as stalking, hunting and capturing.  The Kickeroo is the perfect toy to encourage your cat to pounce, wrestle and stalk.  The fluffy tail provides movement for extra excitement and there’s a generous amount of Catnip inside to further encourage play.

So come and pay us a visit today!  And remember, members of our pet health club receive 10% off all waiting room products.

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