What is the Pet Health Club and how can you benefit?

Pet Health Club Somerset

We recently carried out a survey of clients visiting our practice to see who knew about the Pet Health Club. We are pleased to say a lot of you did. But some of you thought that our Pet Health Club was the same as pet insurance.

We thought we’d write a bit more about it, and also tell you the results of a recent Pet Health Club Members’ survey.

Blake Vets Pet Health Club

Our Pet Health Club is not pet insurance, but a way of spreading the cost of your pets’ routine treatment such as vaccinations, worming and flea control whilst benefitting from cost savings. The majority of the Pet Health Club members who replied to our survey agreed.

Our survey results

One of the main findings that came out of the survey was that members were not aware of the additional benefits that the Pet Health Club offered. This includes:

  • 10% off all retail products including food
  • 40% discounts on microchipping
  • 10% discounts on long term medication, dental work, neutering, rabies and kennel cough vaccinations and out-of hours consultations.

New member benefits

Our survey also showed that it would be useful for clients to have a six-monthly text reminder for the free six-month nurse check up. It was also suggested that we add free nail clipping to our free nurse check ups. We will add these suggestions into our Club soon.

As an additional benefit to Pet Health Club members we have designed a calendar to remind you when flea and worming treatments are due. This can be stuck onto your fridge with our Blake Vets magnet. There are four calendars – puppy, kitten, adult cat and adult dog. You get a Blake Vets pen to write on your calendar too! If you are a Pet Health Club Member and would like one, please call into your usual surgery. You can collect a new calendar each year.

If anyone would like to find out more about the Pet Health Club, what it does, the savings that can be made by being a member, all the details about can be found on our website.

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